Saturday, November 28, 2015

Freebies : Happy Holidays | Desktop Wallpapers

As we are nearing the best time of the year, the Holidays remind us that it is indeed time to update our desktop wallpapers. Here are three eloquently designed wallpapers from Fundrill that I am happy to share with you for your personal use. 

Go ahead, download and enjoy these seasonal backgrounds and let me know how much you like them! 
Season's Greetings Wallpaper

Winter Wonderland Wallpaper
Merry Christmas Wallpaper

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tip: An Easy Way Of Cleaning The Microwave

It is just one of those days to clean up the house and today I took a look at my microwave. The microwave can be tough to clean especially when there are nasty splatters, spills or gooey messes inside. For most part, I detest cleaning it and yes 'guilty' of procrastinating the task. 

Finally, my mind was made up, I just had to do it today. So after thoroughly searching for effective remedies on the internet, I think I've found the trick that will change my perception on microwave cleaning forever! Thanks to for sharing this post and an easy-peasy method of cleaning without the use of any harsh chemicals.


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