Saturday, August 15, 2015

17 Cooking Hacks Every Vegan Should Know | Buzzfeed

Being vegan is difficult especially if you are trying to run a household under a stringent budget. But sometimes, the most important things around the home can help you transition to a vegan diet. In my quest to acquiring information on "vegan-ism", I came upon this article from that quickly had me grab my notebook to take down serious notes. If you are on Pinterest this is a simple article to pin onto your board.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Freebies : August Wall Art Printables

Designing art gives me so much joy and this month I was inspired by the warmth of the season as it draws closer to Fall. Everything about Summer is bright, attractive and gorgeous. The hues of Summer are the best things in life, from the sky to the earth, from food to nature, even the animals and birds arouse and stimulates our sights. 
Copyright Fundrill Freebies for personal use

I had to find a theme to fit in for designing some wall art prints this August and I think I picked the best assortment. Here are three of my designed August Wall Art freebies for you to download and frame but remember everything here is for personal use only. Have a stunning August!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

32 Funny Quotes to Make a Joyful Day

If you are looking for a little pick me up this Tuesday, here is a list of 32 really funny quotes to make it a joyful day from

Hope you end up with a big smile on your face once your done reading them. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Health Benefits Of Tea : Sayan Health

Infographics are information displayed pictorially that allows the brain to ingest and digest the information more easily. I have found several useful infographics that help me understand their importance related to healthy living and lifestyle.Today's Infographic post is courtesy Sayan Health and it depicts the importance of tea in our lives. Tea as we all know have several health benefits, but it is really upto the kind of tea that determines its medicinal importance. Here is the inforgraphic that I'm sharing with you. Hope you begin to understand the importance of drinking tea with it.

Courtesy : Sayan Health


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