Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

It's almost my birthday in a few hours and I just wanted to reflect, thank and appreciate the life I've been blessed with. May 29 is my day of recognition, a day that fills me with perceptible energy and synchronous harmony. It is an eccentric positive energy that takes over me, warming my heart and soul, filling me with gratitude and grace. While many people choose to write letters to themselves on this day of bliss, I penned down my birthday lessons to reflect on them for the future. I am so elated to be commemorating another birthday filled with colourful illustrations and better understanding of my life.

I am not fretting about getting older, infact this birthday is like a new beginning, to erase the bad and focus on the good. More importantly, I look forward to a year of happiness, love and memories that fill my life to make it even better than it already is. 

The affirmation of my life has to begin with my supportive and caring family and friends that mould me into the person I am. The biggest treasure I have is my loving husband who has made me stronger and better every day since we've met. Life teaches us many lessons during our journey here on earth and it is important to know what life is always trying to teach us good from bad, to accept our mistakes and flaws and carry on living a positive stress free and happy life. 

Here are my lessons that I would love to share with you and in advance a very happy birthday to me!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Words Of Wisdom :

Start your week with a whole lot of positivity and panache. Here are a set of inspirational quotes from the world's most successful women shared by to enlighten your week. These words of wisdom are sure to set the week up for some goodness and happiness guaranteed. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freebies : Summer Time Wallpapers

Happy Summer everyone! The heat is getting to us and as we get ready to do all things summer, lets begin by downloading these cool summer wallpapers designed for your convenience by Bright colors, inviting trends and fun designs to brighten up your desktop screen this summer. As usual, have fun doing so and wishing you a great summer!

The below downloads are copyright of and are for personal use only.

Here are the downloads free for personal use!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

5 Pinterest DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Mother's Day! This Sunday we get to honour and pamper our blessed mother in a special way. Grateful as we are to our wonderful mothers all through the year, Mother's Day is a special day to pamper them with gifts, cards and celebration. You get to make them feel extra special than they already are and let them know that their truly loved.

While many are busy hunting for special gifts at the store, a gift from the heart that has a DIY tagged to it makes  it extra special. Here are five awesome Pinterest round-ups DIY ideas just to show mom how much you really appreciate her. These cute DIY gift ideas are so charming and elegant that I bet they will bring a big smile on your mother's face. What's more? being crafty actually makes the prepared gift very special. So go ahead and give these ones a try. 

This gorgeous bouquet can be made by just picking some lovely bright and colourful flowers that can be arranged in a cute DIY bouquet. Head on over to Homey Oh My! for the idea!

This neat tutorial from Homestories A to Z is so crafty and pretty at the same time.Deck it up however you please, use paint, ribbons, vinyl stickers or spray paint and transform a simple mason jar into an elegant vase that mom can use all year long. For extra love, dab on a message or stick a childhood picture that will warm her heart.

Pamper mom with a DIY homemade chemical free body scrub with grapefruit and sugar combined to gently exfoliate and soften skin. Your mother will love you for making this one from The Idea Room and if you head on over to the website you can get the instructions to make this for you and mom.

4) Stencilled Tile Magnets
This one is for the crafty demon in you. Vibrant magnets made in a jiffy are perfect to keep photos, mementos and paper neat and tidy on the refrigerator, office or any where mom wishes. The instructions are given by Positively Splendid

Lastly, lil' luna has a beautiful craft to brighten up your mom's space. These lovely DIY tea towels are sure to impress and look like a lot of work but basically is very simple to put together. This is the best homemade gift you make for mom.

So here are five most creative Pinterest DIY Mother's Day Ideas that I enjoy and have shared with you. Hope you give them a try and wishing all Mother's out there a very Happy Mother's Day!


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