Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Health, Fitness and Happiness!

With the internet overflowing on topics of health and fitness in every nook and corner, it is hard to decide which routine to follow or which diet plan to stick to. While the basics are all the same, the ultimate choice is for readers to have some direction in their quest to health, fitness and happiness. Luckily,for me, I discovered this beautiful post from greatist.com that gave me some direction, tips and advise from the best of the best. Click on the link below to discover some inspiration to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

60 Must-Read Health, Fitness, and Happiness Blogs for 2015

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Photography : A Mid-Summer Expedition

There is nothing more reviving than on a hot summer day with a DSLR in your hand focussing on the sun skimming the earth to add bright hues and shades of summer blooms and earthy textures. 

Here are a couple of my pics.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Ten: Detox Approved Snacks (source : Lauren Conrad Blog)

I cannot emphasize enough the need to drive out junk and indulge in some wholesome goodness. If I haven't convinced you yet, I am hoping Lauren Conrad will do the trick. 

She has this awesome post on Detox Snacks that will help you cut down and omit the junkie sweet cravings you tend to have during the middle of the day or late night. Next time you think of grabbing that sugar cookie or chocolate bite, replace your intuitions with one of these ten detox approved snacks. Read more....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Matcha Green Tea - Have You Heard About It?

Good heavens! Is it March already? For all those who pledged to start a hearty lifestyle in January, how is it going for you so far? Its tough to make commitments to yourself and then learn the hard way that resolutions cannot always be honoured But, like they say, at least you tried! I don't want to daunt you from admitting that you can start a healthy lifestyle in 2015. Surprised! Yes, it is possible. Who needs a New Year to begin? The time is right now!

If you believe in yourself, your health will improve and so will your measure of living. Start with baby steps to improve your lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay positive! By December you will not only be looking great, but feeling absolutely wonderful for sure.

In quest of a healthier lifestyle, I always find myself wanting to be more intelligent, cook  healthy food and avoid the junk in life. While surfing through Pinterest and Youtube, I came across a new refferal term 'Matcha Green Tea' and it got me curious. Stirring up an inquisitive state of affairs, I googled to find its definition and it seems like Matcha Green Tea is a healthy person's retreat. 

Matcha is a fine powder green tea that the Japanese serve and drink in abundance. This high-quality green tea is pricier than regular tea gaining popularity worldwide. It is packed with goodness for a healthy and happy lifestyle. The leaves are hand-picked, steamed and dried. Then ground into a fine green powder. This miracle elixir is consumed by several due to its health benefits like high amount of antioxidants, boosts memory and concentration and increases energy levels.It also helps in weight loss and detoxification of the body while improving metabolism and lowering cholesterol. This sounds like a super food and its about time we tried it.

Now, if you are wondering about what types of Matcha green tea to purchase or which brands to invest in, the question is a bit reeling. It is hard to find the best in the market that is slowly inducing the aisles with this product claiming to be pure and original. However going the organic way is the better option and once you find your brand, stick with it.

The best way I find to introduce Matcha Green Tea in your daily diet is to start the morning with a cup of this superfood that will set the tone for your day. Here is a simple way I like to have my Matcha Green Tea, as a latte that Honeysuckle Catering has to share with us. Watch the video below for the entire recipe that is simple, yet divine.

Kick start March with some goodness and enjoy a better lifestyle. 


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